Free Range Goose


A hand reared fresh free range Goose – the traditional choice for Christmas.

Whole Free Range Goose – beautifully dressed and boxed.

Choose either Farm Gate Collection Deposit or Home Delivery.

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Sorry, our Geese are now SOLD OUT for Christmas 2020.

A fresh free range Goose is the traditional choice for Christmas.The free range goose is back, now at its most popular since it was eulogised by Dickens in ‘A Christmas Carol’.

  • Whole Free Range Goose – beautifully dressed and boxed
  • Stock pack (giblets) for the most sumptuous gravy
  • Sprig of fresh rosemary

Traditional Farming

  • Our Free Range Geese are hand reared; hatched and reared from carefully selected breeding stock
  • Free to explore and scratch around at their leisure in large paddocks
  • All the feed is grown, milled and blended on the farm and water supplied from their own bore hole
  • 100% natural, no antibiotics or artificial growth promotors
  • Dressed and plucked by hand
  • Average £16.45 per kg

Please remember when ordering your Goose to allow 500g per person per average meal.

Farm Gate Collection – please remember when ordering we cannot guarantee an exact weight and we ask you to expect +/- 500g.

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