Our Story

Sometimes life shouts at you to take a step in a different direction – and we have done just that. 3rd generation pork butchers and poultry farmers, we reluctantly closed the door on our small family butchers shop, to concentrate our energy on the family poultry farm. Built on the site of an old water pumping station, Pumphouse farm has been our home for over 50 years, rearing poultry and producing free range eggs, and we are extremely proud to be rearing our own home grown free range Bronze Turkeys now for the last 20 years.


Though we are keen to embrace new technology we retain traditional farming methods allowing us to produce the finest quality birds and continue to use traditional butchering techniques, which have been passed down through the generations; and Grandpa still helps at Christmas.

We continue to listen to our customers and develop new product designs, working every day to create a better company that remains true to its eco-conscious ethos, and believe we are only as great as the people behind us. So a warm ‘thankyou’ for supporting our company and the choices we think matter.


Turf Calculator

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Use our simple turf calculator to work out how many rolls of turf you need to turf your lawn.Simply measure the length and width of the area you need to turf (in either meters, feet) and enter the measurement in our turf calculator below.
Remember to add a little extra for cutting and overlap (we recomend about 5% extra)
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