Turf Lancaster

Pumphouse Farm offer beautiful seed grown premium garden turf, grown on some of the finest topsoil in south west Lancashire, and as part of an environmentally friendly rotation policy, which results in a fully mature root system and the finest quality turf at the best price. Freshly harvested premium quality turf, delivered to your door in the very best condition.

Premium Garden Turf

Using a mixture of high quality grass seed, our turf is suitable for a wide range of applications that include; professional gardens, landscaping, sports grounds, golf courses and much more. Quality seed grown turf that will thrive in even the toughest conditions. 

Working every day to create a better company that remains true to its eco-conscious ethos, we believe we are only as great as the people behind us. So a warm ‘thankyou’ for supporting our company and the choices we think matter.

Premium Garden Turf

Why Choose Us

Pumphouse Farm is a family run farming and poultry business and we have been rearing poultry for over 50 years, which we think puts us in a pretty good position to help you. Whether you want to lay a new family lawn, wish to grow a few vegetables in your small city garden or have a smallholding with chickens, our experience provides a solid base to understand what our customers need. Our ethos is to deliver a quality professional service whilst endeavouring to meet our customers highest standards.


Quality Lawn Turf

Durable and versatile, seed grown lawn turf. Naturally springy, iIdyllic quality family lawn turf.


Cut to order

Delivered fresh from field to door, all our turf is cut to order to ensure you receive the freshest turf.


Weed Free

We understand what you need from your turf and guarantee it to be free of weeds on delivery.


Choice of pack size

Our turf is supplied in one square metre rolls (1m2) and sold in various pack sizes from 10-300M².

Frequently Asked Questions


Delivery to Lancaster

To ensure your turf arrives in the freshest condition, all our turf orders are despatched on a next day delivery service. We deliver to the vibrant and creative heritage City of Lancaster, Tuesday to Friday.  Please note your requested delivery day and date at the checkout.

Delivery is by national hauliers,  via a curtain sided vehicle with a tail lift offload. Though the drivers will assist where they can, please note delivery is guaranteed to kerbside only.  For more information please see our Terms.

How can I calculate the amount of garden turf I need?

Our Turf Calculator is the easy answer and will help to ensure you order the correct amount of lawn turf for your garden.


Natural rainfall is by far the best form of watering, but a soaking with a hose pipe will be fine too.

For the first 7-10 days and in drier weather, turf should be watered daily, but avoid full sun as this will scorch the lawn. Overwatering can be as damaging as under watering as this causes water-logging and soil shrinkage.

The first cut

In spring and summer the grass should establish quick enough for a light mowing after 7-10 days.  Check this easily by lifting a corner; the roots should be attached to the soil below.

Just take off the tip of the grass, to avoid ‘stressing’  the turf, and mow regularly, each time removing no more than one third of the grass height.

Looking after your new lawn

Simplicity is key, grass needs nitrogen rich fertiliser during spring and summer months and in late autumn it needs phosphorous to encourage root growth.  Over application of any chemical treatment can cause the turf to die.

Once established new lawns may be used lightly, but remember to take extra care for the first year, feeding little and often.


Turf Calculator

how much turf do i need?
Use our simple turf calculator to work out how many rolls of turf you need to turf your lawn.Simply measure the length and width of the area you need to turf (in either meters, feet) and enter the measurement in our turf calculator below.
Remember to add a little extra for cutting and overlap (we recomend about 5% extra)
unit type
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